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Innovative Action Based Solutions
Protecting Coral Reefs & our Communities

about CMCR

Carib Marine Contracting and Research Inc. (CMCR) was founded in 1999 with the mission to monitor, track and prevent the decline in reef health, live coral coverage and to increase reef resilience in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. With over 30 yrs of collected expertise in the field Carib Marine provide a range of professional environmental services and innovative solutions to challenges we continuously face in our small island developing states between natural conservation and human developmental pressures. With the understanding that a healthy coral reef and coastal environment is irrevocably linked to healthy communities, and by association, economies and countries, Carib Marine are dedicated to prioritising the development and protection of ecologically productive environments.  Though our specialty is mitigative coral transplantation and coral restoration we also: conduct Environmental Impact Assessments, design coastal monitoring and community education programmes, provide GIS services, habitat mapping, track coral disease/bleaching, and design water quality programmes. With the new focus on understanding and developing the Blue Economies of our region CMCR are actively involved in developing creative adaptations to impacts of climate change, such as the increasing sargassum influx, and strategies for expanding our nursery and protected marine areas. 


Giving our Environment a Voice

Development Mitigation
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Investing in our Communities

Thorough & Professional Marine EIA's

Sustainable Development

EBA strategies for a changing climate

Biodiversity Protection

Prioritising conservation in the developing Blue Economy
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