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A few of our key projects & contracts ...

The highlight video shown features a coral relocation project in Nassau Bahamas. This was a development mitigation project involving the identification and rescue of over 1400 corals located in a channel ear-marked for dredging.  

Coral relocations

Included below are a selection of our coral transplantation projects. Notably from its inception CMCR has maintained the core ideal that coral transplantation should be used as a last resort and only when certain criteria are met:

  • project is one of National significance and is supported by the wider community, local laws, and it is confirmed that corals will be killed if not relocated. 

  • the transplanted corals and selected control reefs must be monitored for at least 12 months and ideally multiple years to better quantify potential changes

  • the recipient reef sites have similar if not better conditions than the donor reef locations (e.g. water quality, similar depth, irradiance, coral density, biodiversity, degree of protection).  


It is always to goal to find the solution that serves our environment and our communities best, which is inarguably always best achieved when we find ways to maintain Nature's original design. However, when development projects are required or afforded permission to persist which would cause unnecessary environmental damage there are innovative and successful strategies to help save our coral and marine habitats. 

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